KNOXVILLE, Tenn., May 7, 2020 — Innovative wireless Solutions-as-a-Service provider RTech Solutions released a four month SPIFF promotion for new TBI Agents just one day after announcing a new partnership with the nation’s leading technology brokerage firm that provides small and mid-sized business nationwide access to cutting-edge connectivity technology solutions in a modern as-a-service model.

The new SPIFF program helps TBI Agents get paid for onboarding and getting started quickly reselling RTech Solutions services. New Agents who integrate RTech’s lineup will be rewarded with 3x SPIFFs on new contracts through the end of August 2020.

The sooner TBI Agents get up to speed with RTech’s services, the more opportunities they’ll have to earn multiplied revenue immediately. 

TBI Agents interested in getting started with the SPIFF program can contact their TBI Channel Manager to immediately begin selling RTech’s dependable, OpEx-friendly, all-in-one connectivity solutions for common business applications like business continuity, primary internet connectivity, POTS-over-LTE, IoT, and standalone data. Each RTech bundled solution includes industry-leading hardware and major U.S. carrier data in a simple and cost-effective as-a-service package.

Popular features of RTech bundles include cross-carrier data pooling to get the best coverage in multiple locations, one simple fixed-cost bill for all hardware and data, and data analytics and device management tools, among others. Businesses see significant benefits to using an RTech bundle versus the older model of purchasing hardware, coordinating with multiple carriers and burdensome paperwork. TBI and RTech Solutions are also committed to supporting its sales teams by delivering a simple, low-touch process and exceptional backend support.

In addition to automated backup internet, RTech connectivity services are ideal for point-of-sale systems, surveillance, digital signage, kiosks, ATMs, utility monitoring, and mobile networks. RTech services can quickly deploy reliable and secure network connectivity, as demonstrated by a nationwide retailer with 3,500 locations nationwide. It began implementation of the RTech Business Continuity bundle within Q4, 2019 and now receives one bill for all their locations’ hardware and multiple carrier data usage.

“RTech Solutions is a single-source provider for LTE & 5G wireless Solutions-as-a-Service,” said Mike Onystok, TBI’s SVP of Operations. “They make it easy for Service Providers, Agents, and Partners to offer monthly service options for Primary Connectivity, Business Continuity (Failover), and Internet of Things (IoT), just to mention a few. TBI partner business continues to grow in these areas and we’re always seeking good options to support our partners and their customers’ needs.”

“An RTech bundled solution can provide front-line technology to businesses who need to connect their business in a way that doesn’t require significant capital or administrative headaches,” said Blake Valentine, President of RTech Solutions. “We’ve simplified the sales, management, and billing processes so that customers can order a specific solution and it easily works ‘out of the box’ wherever they are—no matter the carrier. It’s perfect for small and medium sized companies who value cash flow flexibility and can focus on running their business.”


About RTech Solutions

RTech Solutions is a single-source provider for LTE & 5G Wireless Solutions-as-a-Service. RTech serves a variety of industries with OpEx-friendly, bundled solutions designed with the Channel in mind. The sales process is a simple, low-touch business model for technology resellers focused on solving their customer’s connectivity needs. RTech focuses on delivering an exceptional customer experience and technology that works reliably to address common business needs. For more information, visit